Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dead Lines

That squalid little man pointed and whined yesterday, trying to gin up some indignation in the heartland over the end of his stupid plans for the country's armed forces. Thing is, he and his cohort have been wrong all down the line since the Iraq project began and he is not going to start being right now. The polls will show his shrunken head on a silver platter in a month's time.

Vastly funny is Mrs. Greenspan's report that the GOP has given the generals 'til August to Get The Shit Done. Ha-ha. Not only are they exactly one August too late to save their worthless political lives, but, demmit, it sounds a lot like a deadline to me. In fact surge is a word that implies a wave pattern, something with temporal beginning, apogee, and terminus. Problem for the War Creeps is that they can't use the words best suited to their plans: Escalation and Occupation. Another problem is that the walls can cave in long before August.

The only logic behind their dumb rationalizing is the GOPuds' reflexive reaching for the narrative reins. Back when the major dailies were run by Ivy Leaguers and the small town papers managed by Chamber of Commerce types, back when money flowed to TV stations as logically as wheat through a North Dakota silo, a reasonably astute conservative politician on the national stage could shape the majority national opinion, so long as policy and events did not deviate too much from certain ideas of propriety and order.

Whoops, much of the above still holds, doesn't it? But the audience has gone elsewhere.

Equally hilarious is the divergent conservative view that the American People are behind the occupation, but are also being traduced into questioning its merits by a perfidious Media. People cannot be wise and dupes at the same time, and I give my fellow citizens more credit than many in the chattering classes for being wise. The GOP can't. They have been fucking the peasants for too long to see that a majority of the downtrodden has begun to object to the specifics of the arrangement.

No, the last constituency the GOP's got is the convention-seeking mainstream media, which is itself beholden to their advertisers' sentiments and expectations. Big news lately is all the money the "leading" candidates have raised, money, of course, destined mainly for long and short spots on TV stations across the broad belly of the Republic. It has, in fact, been such a big story that I doubt its importance altogether. The media is here shilling its wares to the rubes, while this just might be the election where we discover that expensive TV campaigns have gone the way of the whistle stop, that the lines have gone dead.

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