Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Sigh Of Things To Come

I thought I'd get back to at least weekly posting here, but honestly the poor tenor of recent events has given me a good case of the Why Bother?'s.

I am moved today just to note the monumental cowardice of Sen H. Reid (well on his way to returning to the senate, but no longer worthy of the majority leadership) and every single one of the Democratic trimmers regarding the Islamic community center in lower Manhattan.

Really, if you can't stand up for the Bill of Rights as a Democrat, then go join the agate-eyed cement heads over in the GOP. They need smart people badly, and a fresh infusion of amoral dissemblers, with a somewhat more central and clearheaded understanding of how the nation should conduct itself, would only help the party and nation.

For as much as the entertainment media, and sophisticated political bloggers, hate to admit it, the GOP's ongoing hatefest is not a strong hand, and its jackpot will be very meager. GOP gains will be on the low side of what's expected and of those, a certain percentage will be outright national embarrassments, ignored by all within weeks. Others--especially those who gain blue seats in mainly conservative districts--in the wake of close outcomes and less-than-sterling national results will be probably less interested in party unity. I will also submit that the bigger surprises election night will be those unexpected Republican losers, who thought a tide of ignorance is all they needed.

Now, don't get me wrong. Cultivating ignorance plays a central role in politics. The Democratic brand of ignorance tends more towards ideas of what should be, while the Republican variety exists merely to deny, deeply and angrily, what is. Be that as it may, a successful politician must also deliver the goods. In that department the disappointing Dems have done the far better job. The GOP delivers the goods only to those who can pay top dollar. The rest of their aging, white, and shrinking herd is left to feed on stupidity and endless, empty rage.