Thursday, November 04, 2010


No real meaning to the title above, other than this post's position in the ongoing series here. And while I have been pleased to be wrong before in these pages, my long-standing call that the Democrats' line would bend, not break yesterday is about as wrong as I've been.

I find reasons to be cheerful however. Let us posit that a good number of wet and cowardly Dems went down to deserved defeats. Unwilling to campaign on the real accomplishments of this session, they got gassed in No Man's Land and it is their own fucking fault. So farewell, you Blue Dogs; I'm not sure we'll see your likes again.

For the liberal wing, Russ Feingold and Raul Grijalva, imho, played HCR too cute by half. There is a pretty solid line between idealism and grandstanding; and though they both ended by doing the right thing, must have left some former loyalists wondering why they were in Washington. Feingold was repaid with the most apathetic constituency in the nation, and a big fat L; right now it looks like Grijalva will eke out a 2-3% win.

I am sorry most about the Senate results in Illinois and Pennsylvania. But--trust me here--Giannoulias, as able as he might have been as a senator, was a poor candidate, bland and tainted. As for Joe Sestak, maybe if the Big Fat Slob reads this he can expound a bit in comments.

So much for the losers, the "winners" provide a more delectable dish to pick over, which I will do shortly. Until then, let me observe that I still think the GOP has been shattered to pieces, a grab bag of knaves supervised by idiots. Events will soon reveal the chaos that lurks. But right now I'll lay even odds Boehner won't be Speaker come summer recess; if, that is, he ever gets to be Speaker at all.