Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Old Wave

Avast me hearties. Just your little old whine maker, me trying to collect some enthusiasm to kick the last of this dun colored year to the curb. I didn't exactly lose my taste for politics this year so much as my desire to talk about it. Clearly, the Prez was racking up wins while the people paid to pay attention were paying attention mainly to themselves, and that's okay. Selfishness has been the paradigm since Ronnie breezed in from Cali, and the results of which, for some good but mostly ill, hoot at us from trees every day.

Nearly two-and-a-half years ago, I remarked on President's Obama's surfing skills, a natural outcome, I submit, of his Hawaiian birth and boyhood. And let me tell you, my aggrieved liberal buddies, I was way right.

Surfers do not make the wave, okay? They find one then they try to ride. There's a hell of a lot of judgment and skill needed to go far; it's hard to look good, and every so often you miss one (and I think I'm done belaboring this point.)

If the Prez seems to go out of his way to piss-off those supporters rather more to the left of the common body politic, it may well be to goad them into broader action and appeal, or demonstrate the limited capability of their swell. Either outcome is fine by me. I am not so high-minded as to insist about what could have been. Line up the votes, then flog the other side as hard as you can. Some might wonder with some justice if the Great Accommodater even does that much, which will be my subject for next time.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Links All

Before launching back here in earnest (any day now), a little blogroll housekeeping. Out are a couple college pals who've not posted in months; in are two others well-met at Alma Mater.

Fluff Chance writes about clothes in a loving and deeply knowledgeable way, and can handle a pair of shears like nobody's biz. And, fresh off the high board, John "The Man Who Would Be" King has always been something of a problem (I could tell stories from long ago), but he was a big wheel in advertising in Chicago, and a colossal addict, until a few years ago when his lower lumbar started disintegrating. Sober now, on painkillers, he's writing about it all.