Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Grand Old Parody

Things have been quiescent here for any number of reasons, most of them good. Top of the list has been an ingrained reluctance to add, however slightly, to the yammering circus of our commentariot. Long have I held that the GOP is doomed as a national party and that Barack Obama will be easily reelected. Recent events have only made this clear to even your run-of-the-mill reporter.

Frankly, I expected the Repub implosion would come via its elected representatives in Congress, stupid, angry, and disloyal, breaking things in such a heedless way that sane members of the caucus would by necessity have to drift over to the Democratic side on a few big votes for the good of their careers, districts, and the Republic. GOP leadership avoided such awful optics with the help of our brain-dead press and a Democratic establishment tossing lifelines and conceding issues here and there, while taking markers, if only with the electorate, for later.

(And I think last night's State of the Union address neatly outlined the areas of payback to come.)

What I was NOT expecting was this real time, and exquisitely expensive, parade of jackasses, ding-dongs, and stuntmen all fighting to be standard bearer for a load of ideas--at least those not cribbed directly from the Occupy folks--that have become more inane and toxic with every recitation. These people, with the seriousness of seminarians, mock electability with loud, self-satisfied voices. Their reward will be in little corners of right-wing heaven, which is a small and greasy place nowhere near the November polls. I'm not calling a Democratic landslide just yet, but if one is on the way, it will be clear by June.