Thursday, April 05, 2012

I Told You. So?

Greetings to all five of you, just dropped in to observe that even the MSM is getting the feeling that this presidential contest is over before it starts. Yes, there are always Unforeseen Events, and TV stations need to suction up their tens of millions in ad dollars, so some kind of contest will be flogged by those who really have nothing better to do with their lives. The rest of us will smirk, or scowl, and carry on.

Right now the favorite nostrum of the level-headed poli-sci set--mainly smart and decent people looking to make more sense out of the system than most connected to it--is that everyone will accept Rmoney's (is that the greatest anagram, or what?) "pivot" center-wise, and that all those Republicans who hate him (quite a tidy subset of that minority party) hate BHO even more and will turnout for the red team.

Let me say here, I doubt this; a lot.

Nothing in the last eighteen months has shown me that the soreheads in question are either reasonable, or realistic. In fact the whole angry on-a-mission-from-god trip so enthralls the suburban warriors, who lack anything else more meaningful in their lives outside the grandkids and chronic illnesses, that I believe the movement, goaded so by the fooks at FUX News, has sprung far from the general needs of a political party.

Then, every so often, a big beat writer remembers that, hey, y'know, that Obama guy is a pretty good campaigner. Many stories have already been filed to the effect that Rmoney not only isn't, but apparently doesn't want to be (okay, that last part was my gloss.)

I'll skip lightly over policy and issues: the ambivalent but steady recovery, the birth control genie, the budget, Obamacare and smug hostile judges, only to observe that even in those areas where the deal has not exactly favored the president, the GOP holds no winning cards at all.

I will add in closing the great unacknowledged issue that bids well to loom large as the summer rolls on and the likelihood of a Democratic landslide begins to form, and that is the nature of our beautiful and for spacious skies, and what strange and brutal weather comes crashing down on a frightened populace. For the nation has absorbed talk of climate change now for the better part of a generation; the deniers found a happy home in the Republican party and used it to belittle and frustrate all opposed in think tanks, on call-in shows, and in congress. Well, last month, being March, people in Chicago started mowing their lush lawns, there was a ten-day string of beautiful 80-degree days, and monster storms now spend our summers tearing the shit out of red states down south.

Yeah, the climate is changing so quickly that even the apes can't ignore it, and there are plenty of people all over the US ready to taunt their conservative relatives and friends with some fat See?-I-told-you-so's. This is one more big thing the GOP got wrong and, unlike the Social Security revamp, it dwells not in the policy halls of a distant capitol, but around us, everywhere, all the time. Masses are moved only by large forces, and whether the MSM realizes it or not, weird and fearsome weather, tearing up cheaply-made housing in one sunbelt suburb after another, may be the biggest force the election year has in store.