Friday, June 29, 2012


So! How's everyone been keeping themselves? Me, I've been busy with lots of things, social, literary, and practical, since last we convened. Mainly though I've been bored with our politics, with an apparently listless incumbent sleepwalking to a win in November, his unlikeable and mendacious opponent whom--let us keep in mind--people like less the more they hear from him; a press corps in renal failure, unwilling or incapable of parsing the simplest issues of the day; and what promised to be an utterly politicized high court, apparently bent on creating as much ill will and social disorder outside its doors with a single ruling as possible.

How things can change in a day, right?

This got me thinking that politics, if all it rubs against is more politics, is stupefyingly dull. The prospect of a abjectly political Supreme Court was more deadening than maddening, the boredom that comes with every dumb regime doing its damndest to preserve its preferred fantasies.

Politics only gets interesting when it fetches up against reality, like wars, and recessions, or the health and welfare of millions of citizens. Outcomes are unknown, sparks fly, people step up and do interesting things, there are unlikely heros. It is a proven point that GOP actors hate, Hate the idea of reality, and rather love the notion of being able to create their own. Instead, ladies and gents, I give you Chief Justice Roberts.

I have absolutely no doubt that Roberts got one look at the short-sighted, bitter, and faintly nuts reasoning offered up by his conservo colleagues, the mayhem it was bound to unleash and decided to take his job rather more seriously than did nearly every other Republican on Capitol Hill.

I hope the rabid howling his unanticipated bout of cautious wisdom has unleashed, one which will not go away soon, rather clarifies John Roberts' thinking going forward as to where prudence, clarity, and justice might in fact reside, which is neither in the ideas nor spirits of those who once swore they were his friends. I do believe the real education of Justice Roberts has begun, and it will be interesting to follow its progress.