Sunday, July 01, 2012

Weather Overground

Way back three months ago (but just two posts here--so see below) I wrote:

I will add in closing the great unacknowledged issue that bids well to loom large as the summer rolls on and the likelihood of a Democratic landslide begins to form, and that is the nature of our beautiful and for spacious skies, and what strange and brutal weather comes crashing down on a frightened populace. For the nation has absorbed talk of climate change now for the better part of a generation; the deniers found a happy home in the Republican party and used it to belittle and frustrate all opposed in think tanks, on call-in shows, and in congress. Well, last month, being March, people in Chicago started mowing their lush lawns, there was a ten-day string of beautiful 80-degree days, and monster storms now spend our summers tearing the shit out of red states down south.

I may have been wrong about a couple things in my occasional surveys here of our political landscape, but not about this. Our fabled Sunbelt States, so reliant on air conditioning, so over-built on fragile and tenuous ecosystems, so chock-a-block with honking-mad conservatives who consider mountain views and mild winters god-sanctioned proof of their more perfect understanding of low-tax, high-carbon, rugged individualism--those Sunbelt States, I say, have been taking it on the effing chin, climate-wise, since, oh, Katrina made much of the Gulf Coast uninhabitable six years ago.

I am churlish enough to take some mordant satisfaction in Red State climate disasters, only because it was so predictable; the voter-sanctioned opposition of their officials to any sensible remedy over the years was so lavishly dumb, the wholesale acceptance of climate-denial as an article of faith was so colossally ignorant, that the ongoing introduction of the reality principle to their stupid worldview has the dimensions of a broad and deserved moral corrective worthy of their own inane concept of a stern Sky God.

Recent polling has shown that people are beginning to get the idea that, gee, you know, maybe there is something to this climate change business. This, of course, is more bad news for the Party of Money, Anger, and Denial. Add-in the glorious business of arch conservatives demanding federal help in fighting the fires threatening their mcmansions, and cleaning up the ruined energy grid (and am I alone in expecting a presidential jobs initiative shortly to address this very pressing issue?) and we have one more big, fat example of our politics rubbing up against the real world after deftly avoiding it since the inauguration. As stated: catnip to the likes of me.