Friday, August 03, 2012

In The Good Old Simmertime

Hey, peeps, just dropping by to say I'm doing fine, thanks; I think about you a lot and am sorry we don't get together more often. It's not you, it's me.

That said, it's been on my mind for some time now to revisit certain predictions made here which, if indeed coming true, are not unfolding in ways I quite foresaw. No, not the prediction of an Obama landslide, which I believe is still very much in the cards, or the dick-stepping wretchedness of the Rmoney candidacy, which anyone with a brain not hooked up to GOP money nozzles, would have seen no later than two months ago.

No, some four years ago I predicted that once the failure of the Republican project became widely understood, that its supporters and enablers in the corporate press would begin to forsake it en masse. So here let me say I was insensitive to the needs of the corporate press to skew the game so abjectly in pursuit of its desires, which is mainly money and ratings, followed a close second by the urge to be seen as relevant, and a diehard commitment to the established corporate order which made this country what it is today. Like, wow.

Fear, the pack mentality, and hatred of the other animates the corporate media as vividly as the same feelings work on the GOP; granted, their targets do not overlap, which induces rage in most rad conservative circles. For the press, the other is mainly found in alternative reporting and document dumps online; for the GOP the others are the reliable minority standbys. But the two org.s dance under the same rotten stars and understand each other intimately.

So, yeah, the press was happy to attend the whole Tea Party party, and pretend that Republican legislative obstruction was just both-sides-are-at-it business as usual, up until fairly recently. You really have to wonder now that Mitt's astonishingly inept campaign--the obvious gaffes, irreconcilable financial details, and endemic lack of any policy specifics--coupled with our unfolding, and predicted, climate diaster, the ascent of radical-right populist yayhoos bound to appeal to about 20% of the population, and a certain spring in the step of Democrats, has got to have the suck-up press looking to suck-up from the other side now.

We shall see.

Of course, the rather more backward areas of the nation will recede as fast as they can for another cycle. That is, red will become redder. But with no standard bearer worth paying attention to, the GOP is now hitting its second national election in a row with a miserable candidate, placed at the top of the ticket only because the now-well-imploded party could not agree on anyone else. Let this sink in: the GOP stopped functioning on a national level two years ago, neither passing legislation since nor offering a broadly attractive candidate for president now. It is screaming at itself and telling the rest of us to fuck off, and a lot more people are beginning to notice.