Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Midnight In The Garden Of Goobers And Weasels, cont.

Last January, in yet another post detailing the implosion of the GOP, I wrote that if there were to be an Obama landslide it would be clear by June (scroll down to see, it isn't that far). Okay, so I missed by three months. And though even those cautious observers professionally dedicated to the too-close-to-call narrative are now accepting the fact that Mitt's toast, none have gotten around to voicing the L word. Let me go out on a limb: I do believe fallout from R-money's 47% presentation, a peek behind the scenes made possible by digital technology, have made a historic Republican loss all the more likely.

That others, especially those on the righter part of the GOP, started voicing what I've been honking for years, that the party will be blown to angry bits should their standard bearer lose to the black guy, does provide some smug satisfaction. Let me suggest however that the jerks will lose not because Willard is a wretched campaigner, which he is, promoting a series of unpopular ideas, which they are, but because the party imploded over two years ago, and that his very presence at the top of the ticket, as the only tolerable candidate for an organization in the absolute thrall of an incoherent melange of mean, puissant ideals, religious manias, and cold cash, is a signal sign of the Great Collapse.

Put another way: Rich White Guys Fuck Up. Again.

Right now the commentariot are taking a wait-and-see attitude whether Mitty's boneheaded framing of the electorate, the latest in a series of political screw-ups rivaling those of the McCain campaign (which is saying something), will cost him much in the polls. I'm guessing a solid two points, and Florida and Colorado. The red meat losses will be down ticket, as every Republican with the ill luck to run for national office this season will be asked exactly their position on what appears to be a sincere article of faith among the believers.

Four years ago I was inclined to give the president a higher mark as a politician. Though his skills are pretty good, especially in smaller crowds, they are not at the true master level of Lincoln, FDR, LBJ (who really was his own special case), and Clinton (whose full genius was on vivid display in his nominating address). What makes BHO worthy to stand with those giants is his preternatural strategic instinct, and an unerring sense of the long-term goal. That he's smart and compassionate, if lacking a certain warmth, is also a big help. Get this straight: Obama is not lucky; he maneuvers until the opposition has to defend the indefensible, and then he wins.

UPDATE: As I was composing the above this interesting report was posted at TPM.