Sunday, November 11, 2012

Midnight In The Garden Of Goobers And Weasels cont.

I honestly can't say what I am enjoying more, GOP postmortems of what went wrong with the Rmoney campaign (hint, dudes: Everything), or the daily night of long knives among the TV and radio boobs as to the way forward; hint, dudes, there is none, not as you are currently constituted. The fight now is for which side gets to call itself Republican in four years and which has to come up with a new name.

Hilarious to me is the rather-more-sober and clear-minded conservative commentator calling for some soul-searching among the faithful, assuming that the souls in question are big and complex enough to make a sincere search necessary and productive of change. I believe most of the "souls" in question have all the capacity and mystery of those plastic eggs Silly Putty comes in, and the search is easily enough accomplished during Happy Hour, between Scotches two and three.

Looking back we might see that the Republican Party began to die the night in 2000 when Karl Rove won South Carolina for that squalid little man by slapping the unsuspecting John McCain with a big wet racial shit sock. Everything, my friends, devolved very naturally from there: A supremely unqualified boy-man won the nomination and, with the help of lawyers and bullies, afterward the presidency. For a while thereafter rage and racism paid big dividends, while any one with any sense (koff-koff) could see where the whole stupid project was eventually, ultimately headed.

The collapse of the Republican Party, ongoing since Hurricane Katrina, entered its final phase with Sandy. While apt symbolically, I do not credit the storm: demographic changes, the pressures wrought by the leveling nature of digital technology, arrogance, failed philosophy, and shitty candidates all combined. And by failed philosophy I don't mean the notions of Burke and Friedman the brighter GOP thinkers still like to warm themselves by, but the animating, presiding Republican fantasy of the rugged individualist making his way on his own terms in a competitive world.

Guess what? Hundreds of those RI's were utterly incapable of banding together for a common goal, namely the Rmoney campaign, and that managerial wizard, who was supposedly going to fix this country, had neither a remedy nor, apparently, a clue. That more than a few used the occasion to make some real money should be a matter of pride to those proud capitalists; somehow it is not.

This is comedy deep and wide, me hearties, playing out before our eyes, and will continue to do so for some time to come.

For now the question is which of the deep and abiding GOP fault lines will give way first: raising taxes, or allowing minorities equal status as needed and welcome partners for the party's future. Neither will hold for long and either is absolutely fatal to the party of Nixon, Buchanan, Reagan, Rove & Limbaugh. Right now my guess is that they will weasel the tax question by waiting to Jan 2 and voting the under 250k break. Actually accepting women, blacks, and hispanics as equal partners in the nation's future can't be finessed so easily. In fact, it will never happen, and complete irrelevance will settle upon them forever in a scant 24 months.

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Anonymous said...

I'd be laughing if it weren't tearing the country apart.

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