Friday, December 21, 2012

Right Action

One big reason I don't write here more often is that there are estimable others far better at saying what's on my mind than I; the best of whom being Charlie Pierce who this morning puts into sharp relief what long-time readers here saw me predict years ago: that the Republicans are no longer what you might call a political party.

None of what's happened among the GOPnicki in Congress these last few weeks has surprised; and anyone claiming to be so, or is reacting with something like dismay, has willfully ignored the signals now for a very long time.

The next logical step of Republican disintegration would be the wholesale switching of party affiliation by those fifty or so GOP representatives from purple districts--the ones who will end up voting in favor of the president's proposal--whose paths to re-election would be infinitely eased by running on the Democratic ticket.

Never happen? Farfetched, you say? I've been right before.