Monday, October 19, 2015

Reality? Check.

A few days ago Josh Marshall at TPM took a small dig at those of us (and here I would like to consider myself one of the first) who say the GOP is imploding. To wit:

It's hard to see how much they can really be 'imploding' in any meaningful sense when they'll almost certainly retain the House next year, have a decent chance at holding onto the Senate and can by no means be counted out to win the presidency.

To which I answer that the election will only certify the utter brokenness of the old party of Eisenhower. Because it can most certainly be counted out to win the presidency, the chances of it holding the senate are hovering around nil, and the house might be a 50-50 proposition and out of the grip of those hooligans in '18.

I state this with such confidence because of an innate respect I have for my fellow citizens, something largely missing from the cynically cautious press, who know shit when they encounter it. Mrs. Clinton, much to the surprise of the conventional wisdomers, is doing just fine, thanks, while the whole Democratic card mainly resembles a family working out plans for a big wedding; not, like the other side, a pack of teenage psychopaths fighting over heroin turf in Naples.

Nay-O. Hil is going to trounce whichever one of those clowns is put up against her, just as B.H. Obama would if allowed another go. The notion, apparently sustaining the whole GOP election machine, along with the MSM, is that the nation is dearly tired of Obama, and that anyone they put up will cruise (ha-ha) to victory. This is, of course, delusional. 

As for the Senate and House: in the first they are defending too many seats in statewide contests, in purple states, after a long season of the party bigshots bashing every constituency that is not white and male. Granted, the Dems need to field good candidates, something they can be bad at doing, but I'm assuming they will do a decent job. Demographics will handle the rest.

As for the House, well, the districts may be fixed, but people die, and people move away, and people even sometimes get sick of those they once thought highly of. Nothing the House GOP is doing, or will do in the next year, is going to change the general air of angry, stupid incompetence drifting from the chamber, and they have nowhere to go but down.