Thursday, August 11, 2016

Midnight in the Garden of Goobers and Weasels (cont.)

Far more interesting to me than the ongoing implosion of the DT campaign (which has--have you noticed?--succeeded in becoming boring) is the equal culture collapse ongoing at FUX News.

Now that is some interesting shiz, and has the potential to greatly change the way things are said and done in our political realm from this day forward. Though never articulated here, alas, the malign effect of the Dirty Digger's rightwing enterprise has never bothered me that much.

While carried on a ton of cable outlets (and so earned a fortune for ownership), it's viewership is fairly low, and dim. It certainly punched far above it's weight in media circles and galvanized legislative opposition. But that first effect we may now chalk-up to career fear and/or the soothing reassurance of an Old Boy's Club at the cocktail hour; and the second has, now that all has been said and done, ended up only hurting the ones who loved it the most.

We may see now that the folks at FUX preyed upon their viewers as steadily and cynically as Roger Ailes' acted against the women in his employ, as well as his perceived enemies. He was very clearly and obviously a despot, which was most of his professional appeal. Despots, though, inevitably fall, and when they do there's rarely anyone with the talent and skills waiting to take over the job. He is old and sick, and so it was just a matter of time.

That FOX News, and let us now savor all the associations connected to that lupine name, is crumbling in realtime tandem with the Gone Old Party is either a glorious coincidence or speaks to a very deep and irresistible change now underway in the national psyche. And you know me, I say it's the latter.

I think history will very soon show that Barak Obama was the rock upon which the Conservative ship was irresistibly drawn and ultimately shattered, less by what he accomplished, which seen from some perspectives has been considerable, than a kind of rectitude in everything he did, a directness and calm, that stood for a great deal, especially in the face of the stupidity and animus his opponents, nearly all white and male, could not help directing at him. He won by being cool, which is really cool.

Speaking of the dumb GOP, I can't close off without a special shout out to the inane Susan Collins, R-Maine, who gifted us the other day with her late repudiation of the DT. Recall, if you will, those heady early months of the Obama administration when the chief executive insisted everything be done to bring on some GOP senate support for the Affordable Care Act, how it was watered down and changed to accommodate the misgivings of . . . Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, also of Maine; that they had absolutely no intention, ever, of supporting any Obama legislation, but lied and drew out the process as long as they possibly could to scuttle the whole thing. And it nearly worked.

 Keep in mind too that Maine is one of the poorest states, and that Ms.'s Collins and Snowe were therefore acting in direct conflict with the needs of their constituents, all to make some damn point about power and control in Washington, and in so doing prepare the way for the Gusher of Stupid their party has drilled since for the nation, along with the later appearance of the man who has torn her dumb and dying party to shreds.

Thanks, Susan. Now bug off.

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