Saturday, August 13, 2016

Myth America

As the Gone Old Party circles around the big suck hole that is the mouth of its current standard bearer, fated to disappear down the dumb maw of its people's choice, I'd like to take the time to put to rest, if possible, some presiding myths which have been lifted up from several quarters this campaign season in service to the notion that, somehow, this election was ever up for grabs, or that any Republican had a chance to gain the brass ring in November.

Numero Uno is that this was somehow to be a "change" election that would just fall into the lap of any GOOPer who won the primaries. My sense was that if the Kenyan Usurper was able, and wanted, to run for a third term, it would have been handed him in a silver loving cup. We see now his approval lines trending ever upward, along with the sense that his third term is safe in the sure hands of Mrs. C.

Number Two: That Mrs. Clinton is a terrible campaigner, something the Berners loved trotting out at various points in support of that elderly scold, who she out polled by nearly three million votes. (And, sorry folks, some snotty emails from the stupid offices of DW Schultz, do not remotely amount to a conspiracy to deny the nomination to old Bern, who ultimately did the right thing, with tremendous style, in Philadelphia.) One does not gain a major party nomination for president under our current system by being a terrible campaigner; and those of you still insisting on this point may consider that the skills needed to win votes may have changed from when the system was meant to deliver results to white men only.

Number Three: That any other GOP candidate could have beaten Mrs. C. in a walk. Again, nope (see reason #1 above). The Repub's so-called deep bench was a gaggle of hucksters, dingbats, bores, and the out-of-it scion of a poisoned political dynasty. The DT tore through them for a reason, which is every reason to think Mrs. C. would have rendered any one of them to lard by November.

Because, #4, the notion that DT ever had a chance in the first place, especially after the primary clown show is utter nonsense. The national electoral map simply does not favor Republicans anymore, most especially one who antagonizes women and minorities, along with a majority of his own party. The silly idea that he ever did was mainly the hobbyhorse of a workaday news industry terrified of having to report bad political news a bit early to many of its subscribers. This tidbit I gleaned today from the New York Times is an ideal example:

For a candidate who once seemed like an electoral phenomenon, with an unshakable following and a celebrity appeal that crossed party lines, Mr. Trump now faces the possibility that his missteps have erected a ceiling over his support . . .

Christ on a crutch. That unshakable following was a noisy plurality of a minority party, and I have seen zero evidence of his appeal to rank and file Democrats.

Myth #5: OhMyGawd, Hilary is SO vulnerable. A recent cri-de-coeur from a long-time GOP fixer bemoaned how DT has missed an opportunity to drive home some really bad Clinton news this past week, the disasters being:

Clinton falsely claiming the FBI director said she told the public the truth about her private server and email practices.

The $400 million cash ransom payment to Iran

The Obama administration's Department of Justice choosing not to open a public corruption investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

Weak economic reports on gross domestic product growth and productivity.

A story detailing a billionaire Clinton Foundation donor who sought a favor from the Hillary Clinton-led State Department.

Honestly, guys, if that's the best you can come up with . . . Shall we go down the list? The FBI director found her completely truthful to his inquiry. The $400 million was Iran's in the first place, held in escrow for 40 years; oh, and the story broke last January. The Justice Dept., unlike Republican congressional committees, does not conduct exploratory witch hunts. Great employment numbers and a record high stock market were seen this week. And, oh God, some guys asked the State Dept. for a little help.

Take it away, Mr. Drum:

One is from a Clinton Foundation executive asking a Hillary aide if she can set up a meeting for a big donor with someone at State. The Hillary aide says she'll see what she can do, and then blows it off. In another, a foundation executive asks for help getting someone a job. He's told that everyone already knows about the guy, and "Personnel has been sending him options." In other words, he's blown off. In yet another, it turns out that a Clinton aide spent some of her own time helping the foundation look for a new CEO.

So....what? People in Washington schmooze with people they know to help other people they know? Shocking, isn't it? 

Which brings us to myth #6, that Mrs. C. is wildly unpopular with the electorate, which, personally, I have a hard time squaring with her being found to be the most admired woman in America for 14 of the last 16 years. Polls are funny things, and you can understand how people may not find her trustworthy after breathless reports of possible malfeasance, invariably shown wanting, not to mention right-wing rumor mongering and character assassination raised to the level of received wisdom by the easy mechanics of misogyny and a compliant press.

For that is finally what this election is all about, a patriarchal political party, maddened by frustration and loss at the hands of an African American, pushes up the most extreme example of its distempered white man rage against a woman who has taken the worst it's dished out for nearly thirty years and is now, amazingly, all set to brain it with a shovel. 

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