Thursday, October 20, 2016

Poll Cats

Yrs trly has had a feeling for some time, which I now commit to pixels, that the election results won't be nearly as close as latest polls indicate.

Yes, this is prompted by a similar growing sense popping up now that the surveys won't tell the whole story. And while more respectable political scientists will point to data gaps and poll lags, my own feeling is based on a certain regard of human nature.

One: there are probably measurable numbers of women who gave pollsters DT's name to keep peace with the men in their lives, knowing all along they'd vote for Mrs. C. We might now add to that number those who were, let's say, notional supporters who now feel duty bound to reject the animal. (And spare a thought to what are likely hundreds, maybe thousands, of relationships nationwide now on the rocks because the male of the household is an inert stone blockhead.)

And, Two: speaking of blockheads, my sense all along that a good percentage of these big-talking Trump fans would, when election day finally arrives, not take their civic responsibility seriously enough to bother even trying to destroy the republic with their votes. There is a reason they're such losers, and a big one is not taking certain important tasks in their lives seriously enough.

This is a problem, though not for Democrats and decent people everywhere. For the Gone Old Party is about to discover that there are hard, real-world consequences for acting on a belief, for years, in patent nonsense. When no one else sees the vermin you do, the exterminator never visits, no matter how much you yell.

And speaking of exterminators, while I put away some time ago my dreams for a House turnover this election, those dreams are back, and I think it'll happen. Again, the notion isn't exactly data driven, but rather the feeling that over the last couple weeks a lot of ex-Republican supporters have come to the conclusion that the party itself is no longer worthy of power above the county level. Thing is: they aren't wrong.

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